Appetite at first sight

Enjoyment without meat – and without sacrifice? That has to be easy!

The Good One shows how it works. “Meatless happiness” is the credo of the new brand, which aims to conquer the diet of vegetarians and flexitarians with delicious burgers and meatballs based on plant-based proteins.


In the first step of brand development, the Melters advertising agency defined the core of the brand with a suitable name (The Good One), a claim (Meatless happy) and the corporate design. This should now also find expression in the packaging design, which is one of the first points of contact between the customer and the brand in food retail.


An appealing design that entices the eye and stands out prominently from the competition. The packaging design is based on natural materials. A blue wooden background gives The Good One a strong color accent that ensures it will attract attention on the veggie shelf. Brushstrokes and the rich green hatching not only make the text easier to read, but also form a striking contrast to the rather dark base. Modern elements such as doodles complete the self-made charm of the otherwise rather rustic look.

The main protagonists, meatballs & Co, are presented in tasty cast-iron pans or on wooden boards, which provide a direct view of the vegetarian delicacies thanks to the transparent foil. The customer can dig in with an appetite and a clear conscience!