Corporate Identity (CI)

Finding a personality for your company


“Who am I and who do I want to be?” You have probably asked yourself this question before. Why? Because we all strive for authenticity. Because that makes us unmistakable.

Not only individuals, but also companies want to be distinctive. This is why personality development is also important for them. Every brand development process begins with questions such as: What characteristics and values does my brand stand for? What actions result from these values? And what kind of design brings these values to life?

In short: your brand should have an identity (corporate identity, CI). Making a name for yourself is no longer enough. Your brand must come alive, generate emotions and appeal directly to your target groups. In addition, it should have a recognition value and thus stand out from the competition. This begins with the logo design and the general wording and continues through to the interior design of the company headquarters. Success is in the details. Corporate identity occupies a correspondingly high position in strategic corporate management.

The CI as the sum of your brand presence

A consistently developed and implemented identity provides orientation in the market. And has a significant influence on the purchasing behavior of the customer, who decides whether the positioning of the company matches their own value system on the basis of the corporate identity they perceive.

What image do you have of your company? What character traits make you stand out? Are you adventurous, playful and modern? Or more reliable, reserved and traditional? These qualities should be reflected in your language, your actions and your appearance. Only then will you appear authentic and therefore credible to potential customers. For example, it would be difficult for a law firm to be casual and address its clients on a very personal level. However, a provider of adventure vacations should opt for a more daring design. This is where we come in: We make your values visible and tangible all round.

But why go to all this trouble? A consistent brand identity makes it easier to build up a loyal customer base. Employee loyalty is sustainably influenced as well. It can also contribute to a positive image transfer from existing products when new products are launched. In the long term, this reduces the costs and effort for advertising measures.

At best, their characteristics result in a coherent overall picture: visually (corporate design), communicatively (corporate language & corporate communication) and in action. When building a brand (corporate branding), we consider all areas equally. We are also happy to help you adapt or supplement your existing CI. Or perhaps even breaking completely new ground as part of a brand relaunch.

Don’t forget: your corporate identity is the sum of your interlocking brand identities. We make this overall appearance unique. Will you join us? Then we look forward to hearing from you!