Employer Branding

How to counteract the shortage of skilled workers

There are many great words in the German language. Arbeitgebermarkenbildung, for example. Employer branding means the same thing, but sounds a bit cooler. The aim of employer branding is to position the company as an attractive employer in the public eye. At the same time, the emotional bond between company and employee is to be increased through identification with the company values. And on top of that, you can counteract the shortage of skilled workers. Sounds good? Then get started with us!

To optimize your visibility on the job market in the long term, we work with you to develop a concept for external and internal measures. Which values does the company stand for? Why should qualified employees choose you over the competition? And how can these employees be retained by the company in the long term? We ask the right questions to help you attract the right employees.

But be careful! The questions are less easy to answer than they seem. After all, what company does not claim to value its employees and offer development opportunities in an innovative environment? These points are important, but should be seen more as basics that every employee expects from their potential employer. So the all-important question is: What makes you unique as an employer? What attributes make your company attractive to the talent you actually want to attract?

Once your company profile has been defined, we outline the objectives. The main issue here is which target groups are to be addressed and how.

Want to find the right ones?
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Why we are the right people for this job? We know the communication rules of the various channels and spread your company’s message where your target group is on the move. And because everyone pulls together for successful employer branding, we also turn your employees into authentic brand ambassadors.

If you think that recruiting specialists is the end of the story, we can prove you wrong: a consistently developed employer brand has a long-term effect on the corporate culture as well as the identification and motivation of employees. This in turn has a positive effect on your corporate brand. Sustainable employer branding is a continuous communication process that thrives on both external and internal feedback and is constantly evolving.

We therefore work closely with you and your company to develop a suitable strategy. Whether classic print advertisements, inviting trade fair stands at job forums, sophisticated online measures using all available social media or complete campaigns in the entire marketing mix: we develop a concept that suits you, your company and your future employees. Do you want to optimize your website‘s career portal? With pleasure! Our online team develops a user-friendly job portal and also ensures that your company is visible in organic Google searches.

Do you have questions about successful employer branding? Just ask our team. They know exactly what we are talking about.