Let’s talk about Web, Baby!

Your website. With all the advancing digitalization in today’s world, it is more important than ever. It is your digital branch, so to speak, and requires a good and professional appearance.

Give your website the attention it deserves. Your customers, partners and suppliers will thank you for it. Or, thanks to your efforts, they will find it in the vast expanses of the Word Wide Web in the first place.

The website as a mirror of your company

On top of that, a successful website is also an effective way of generating leads and acquiring new customers – long-term and cost-effectively. Google searchers thus become customers on your website.

Let’s look at it as it is: nowadays, most customers find out about services, products, trends and, above all, prices on the Internet in advance. A company’s website is an important point of contact for the information that customers are looking for. And, very importantly, more and more customers want to get to know the company and its philosophy before they buy its products. Because despite all the convenience that shopping on Amazon brings: At the end of the day, your customers want to shop with real people. A good website must therefore reflect the values and character of a company and its products. From design to structure to content. But a website can do so much more! It is the basis for all further social media activities. Regardless of which channels the target group prefers, in the end a brand’s website is like a funnel for new customers.

Create it once and it’s up and running? Unfortunately, that’s far from the case. A successful website is alive, growing and changing in order to provide customers with up-to-date and relevant content at all times. A major challenge that requires continuous work.

Your company as a virtual experience

Our online team ensures an all-round successful web presence – and measurable success! The aim of website marketing is to significantly increase the conversion rate. The conversion rate (also conversion rate) is the ratio of clicks/visits to conversions. Conversions refer to conversions, e.g. from interested parties to customers. This can be done through a transaction, a purchase, but also by subscribing to the newsletter, downloading content or using the contact form. These parameters are set in advance. As part of the KPIs (Key Performance Indicator), the conversion rate is a relevant factor for search engine optimization. It can make a significant contribution to lead generation and to increasing turnover and sales figures.

With this in mind, we develop an interface that takes your customers’ click behavior into account. And a clear structure ensures that they can find their way around intuitively (UI/UX). Of course, we also optimize your website for display on mobile devices (smartphone, tablet). If everything runs smoothly technically, we take care of the content. In doing so, we skillfully maintain the balancing act between search engine and customer-optimized content. And we don’t stop there either: On request, we can ensure that your website is linked to the social media portals that suit your target group. With informative and catchy texts and high-quality images, we grab your customers by the emotional scruff. Do you want to provide your visitors with additional content? With pleasure! We also create podcasts and video content. This turns your company and your brand into a unique virtual experience with real added value!

Let’s talk about web, baby – our online team looks forward to hearing from you! Would you like to learn more about the fine art of search engine optimization (SEO)? With us you don’t need to search: Just click.