Search engine optimization (SEO)

Are you still looking or have you already found it?

Let’s be honest: even the best website is useless if Google can’t find it.

About searching on the Internet

What will the weather be like this weekend? Who invented the first car seat belt? What does SEO mean? Where can I buy gluten-free baked goods?

Search engines, and above all the American giant Google, open the door to the Internet for us. All search engine optimization is therefore based on Google’s rules. The goal: a number one ranking. Because as search engine experts jokingly say: Where is the best place to hide a corpse? On page two of the Google search.

Google is constantly developing its algorithms so that we can find what we are looking for. This means it knows us almost as well as we know ourselves: Based on our previous search behavior and our geographical location, the data giant presents us with search results that are increasingly tailored to our needs. We now know that the search engine includes at least 200 different criteria in the evaluation of a website – and these change regularly. But even if Google does not reveal all its secrets, search engine optimization – or Search Engine Optimization – may be an art, but it is not witchcraft.

We make sure that you are found!

Are you thinking about an online presence or a relaunch of your existing website? Bull’s eye! Our online team will design your website so that Google & Co. will love it! In addition to the requirements of search engine optimization, we naturally also keep an eye on the search behaviour and needs of your target group. We determine the status quo of your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) such as click rate, keyword ranking, loading speed, search engine traffic and bounce rates. Based on these key performance indicators, we develop measures to increase your visibility in the organic search of Google & Co. Used correctly, your website or online store becomes an effective tool for acquiring leads and new customers.

But ranking isn’t everything! After all, you can only maintain a favorable position in the Google ranking in the long term if you actually offer searchers what they are looking for. Sustainable search engine optimization means that the user can solve his task on the visited website. This task completion can be a purchase or finding relevant information. Optimizing a website or web store is therefore a continuous process. But how do I ensure relevant content and how do I set up my site accordingly?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Only partially correct in the case of Google. Visual content such as images and videos are right and important for the user. But it is still a text-based search engine. Our online editorial team creates high-quality content that is not only SEO-compliant, but also offers real added value for your users: Catchy headlines, keyword-optimized copy texts and meta descriptions. And because we at Melters always develop holistic solutions, our programmers take care of on-page and off-page optimization in parallel: from page hierarchy and navigation to topic-relevant backlinks and display on mobile devices – our online team ensures an optimal and intuitive user experience. In addition, we also offer SEA solutions in the form of Google Ads.

Do you like it? So why search any longer? We are looking forward to hearing from you!