The alpha and omega of marketing

Do you want to be THE ONE for your customer? The one brand that makes him forget every other competing product?

More than just an abstract construct

Let’s be honest: we all have at least one favorite brand. Whether it’s the coffee, whose packaging lets you dream of the aromas of South America. The face cream that even Grandma used in her youth. The car that simply conveys a very special way of life. Or the detergent that sets a mark of social responsibility with its sustainability seal.

A consistently developed brand identity conveys a clear emotional message. This makes it far more than an abstract construct in the intellectual world of capitalism: through unique images, haptics, sounds and smells, it provides your customers with a multi-sensory experience.

No matter what we do: whether it’s a flyer, brochure, website or packaging design – the focus is always on the brand. Marketing can neither be written nor conceived without it. But what defines a good brand? A first class product? An appealing name? A powerful logo? The answer is: all of it. Just like an individual, a brand consists of the sum of unique and unmistakable parts.

We make you strong for the competition

Successful brand management has an effect on the subjective perception of your target group and creates a positive image there. As a seal of quality for your products and services, a brand also creates trust. An appropriate design and wording ensures a high recognition value and orientation. It follows from this: A trademark is much more than a legally protected sign of origin.

Do you want to know how you can hold your own against the competition in the jungle of national and global companies? The good news is that a good brand is not simply born as such. Building and expanding a strong brand as part of successful marketing is a process. And we accompany you competently from the first consultation through to implementation. Are you struggling with falling sales figures and the last resort is a repositioning as part of a brand relaunch? We are also happy to support you here.

We work with you to develop the unmistakable core and the emotional message of your brand. We then develop strategic guidelines, which we can bundle into a practical brand manual for you on request. This also provides your employees with a standardized guideline for their daily work with and for the brand.

From Alpha to Omega: At Melters, we don’t take a one-sided approach, but include the competitive and market situation as well as the requirements of our customers and the needs of the target group in our planning – that’s the 360° guarantee from Melters. Together with our consultants, strategists, graphic designers and copywriters, we create a competitive, individual image of your brand. From the brand name to the brand strategy to the brand architecture – we are passionate about Brandish! And let the brand speak for you.