Brand relaunch

New opportunities for your brand

Collapsing sales figures. Relentless competitors Declining brand appeal. A horror scenario for every company.

Don’t worry: you don’t have to bury your brand right away. A brand relaunch could be the saving anchor! A strategic realignment will recharge the brand with fresh energy and reposition it on the market.

We will work with you to clarify whether a large-scale communication campaign will bring the desired success or whether repositioning is the only way out. After all, this process entails both opportunities and risks. As branding experts, we stand by you competently and professionally from A like analysis to Z like targeting the right audience.


The alpha and omega of every brand relaunch?
A good preparation!

A refresh of the logo or a new website is not enough. The realignment of a brand is a complex process that must be supported by the entire company. But where should you start to roll out the brand again? The basis of any successful positioning is sound preparation. After all, nothing can be more damaging to a brand relaunch than a half-hearted approach. Or an inconsistent implementation that started strongly, but then faltered due to misjudgments.

By analyzing the current situation, we determine the current sales and communication channels. We also identify the target groups with their various personas. Of course, we also take the competitive situation and brand trends into account! The aim of the analysis is to uncover possible discrepancies between the actual and target status.

It is also important to work out the brand essence and thus the unmistakable identity of your brand. This is at the center of the entire relaunch process – so that your brand remains authentic. The important thing is that the relaunch should not raise any expectations in the customer that the brand cannot fulfill. After all, the new brand should be credible.

In the next step, we determine the new objectives together with you. Should the existing target group be further expanded or a new one addressed? Should a new brand image be developed? How is the brand currently perceived – and how should it be positioned in public perception in the future? Which new market segments should possibly be opened up with new products? This results in guidelines with regard to design and tonality.

Upon request, we also actively involve your employees in assessing the current internal situation. Consequence: Employee loyalty is positively influenced. This in turn increases the willingness of your employees to implement important changes in the company.

From strategy to implementation

Based on all external and internal factors, we develop a strategy that fits your brand. And implement them consistently on all selected channels. This is how we navigate you safely to success.

Need a new coat of paint? We bundle your new brand DNA in a meaningful logo and an attractive corporate design. Powerful texts. Powerful print ads. A website tailored to the new design. Profitable online marketing campaigns. We offer an entire catalog of measures. This way, your brand gets the attention it deserves. And the most important thing is that you get all measures from a single source – that’s the 360° guarantee from Melters.

We revive your brand!