New customers with just a click of a mouse!

Are you ready to embark on your journey into the Internet? Or are you already on the road and wondering which direction to take? Achieving your marketing goals on the web can be a bumpy ride at times. No wonder! The competition is most likely already on its feet. Email marketing, display advertising (Google Ads), blogs, social media … The possibilities in the field of online marketing seem endless.

But once you’ve done it, you’ll appreciate the effort. Because only with the help of a well Online presence it is possible to turn prospects into new customers with just one mouse click. Online marketing refers to all measures that position a corporate brand on the digital market. But watch out: The customer journey does not end with a visit to your website. Successful internet marketing accompanies your target group on the entire journey to purchase and beyond.

You have numerous tools and measures at your disposal to expand your digital brand. But which ones are the most effective? And on which channels is your target audience active? Our online team knows the answers and has an eye on all the latest trends!

At Melters, we don’t do things by halves Because modern web marketing is more than simply transferring traditional advertising to the medium of the internet. Or the utilization of viral effects. Technical progress requires professional know-how as well as analytical skills.

But knowledge of the psychological effects of advertising and creativity are of course also important. Even if the majority of communication nowadays takes place via social media and the like: Behind it all, there is always a person with needs and wishes who wants to be addressed and picked up emotionally. Therefore, everything we do is not just with intelligence but above all with heart. Especially in the digital age, an authentic and credible brand presence is indispensable for long-term success.

Keyword: Interaction

Wherever you are on your journey into digital worlds – we will pick you up and guide you to your destination! Our team of web developers, graphic designers, Copywriters and programming helps you to design your website or webshop in such a way that it presents your brand and your products in the best possible way. With a responsive design, we maximize usability (UX/UI) and minimize the bounce rate. Search engine-optimized texts and other relevant content such as podcasts and videos increase the reach and length of stay on your digital presence.

We also develop powerful online campaigns and ensure that they reach the right people. Interaction is the keyword. Social media channels enable direct dialog with your target group. And provide valuable information on how the company and its products are perceived by the public. If digital branding is successful, your customers themselves become brand ambassadors through comments and recommendations in forums, blogs, on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Do you want to measure the success of your online marketing strategy? No problem! A key advantage of online marketing is the precise measurability of the measures. Our online team will be happy to provide you with detailed analyses relating to conversion rates, the number of leads generated and other KPIs (key performance indicators) – allowing us to react quickly and flexibly to any changes or new trends. And make them immediately usable for your brand.

Now it’s your turn: Where can we pick you up?