Packaging Design

Well packaged is half the battle

Opening a newly purchased product is an experience for all the senses. The characteristic sound when the protective film is removed from the Nutella jar and the delicious nutty aroma wafts straight into your nose… Or do you know the unique pffft when the lid of a new iPhone slides up? The unboxing phenomenon is currently enjoying great popularity on YouTube, Instagram & Co. And it shows consumers and marketing managers alike that a successful packaging design is much more than just a protective cover for a product. Just like any other marketing measure, packaging design represents the profile and values of a brand.

The figures also show this: With expressive packaging, you’re already halfway there. Between 55 and 75 % of all consumers make their purchasing decisions based on impulses that the packaging design triggers in them. The first step is therefore to attract the attention of the target group. Even before he reads the text, the consumer has to understand the performance promise and the benefits of the product from the packaging. As a rule, people are visual beings. All other information is of secondary importance.

Packaging design as an ambassador
for your brand values


Packaging is often the customer’s first point of contact with the brand – in both senses of the word: it makes it possible to experience a product haptically, visually and perhaps even auditorily or olfactorily. An all-round successful packaging design therefore encourages the customer to buy from the food retail shelf. And gives your product a unique look that clearly sets it apart from the competition. This also makes it an ambassador that contributes to your brand values. Typography, layout design, material properties and print finishing techniques play a central role in this.

And because we know how important good packaging design is for a successful marketing strategy, we have a whole team that takes care of the conception and implementation of sales-boosting packaging. Whether food or non-food products: Our packaging team develops unique layouts to suit your brand. Naturally taking into account the graphic and textual specifications of your corporate design. Our team always keeps an eye on any opening options, the shape and shelf life of the contents as well as the safety and cost-effectiveness of the packaging. With modular packaging concepts, our packaging team ensures that your brands and product lines are more clearly defined and differentiated from one another. This provides orientation within the portfolio. Well packaged, your product also becomes an unmistakable part of your corporate identity.

Is the packaging convincing at the point of sale? Is there potential for optimizing the product presentation? How does the product compare to the competition? Shelf simulations provide reliable answers here. From visual beacons on supermarket shelves to lifestyle brands or design minimalism with premium appeal to sustainability aspects: We know the trends in packaging design and will find the right solution to increase your sales – whether brand stretch, line extension, editions or seasonals. Let’s wrap it up!