Your distinctive trademark.

The Egyptians used it. This was also used effectively in ancient Rome and Greece. By the Age of Enlightenment at the latest, it had become completely established: the logo. Put simply, these are symbols that can be made up of text and image elements. Be it logo-like attributes such as the trident and cornucopia, which stood for the ancient deities. Or the state seal of Rome, which, with the unmistakable lettering SPQR (Senatus Populusque Romanus – Senate and People of Rome), marked Roman supremacy on the continent for all to see.

Let’s think of current examples of successful global players: a bitten apple. Four interlocking rings. A golden M on a red background. We don’t have to name names to know who we’re talking about.

Your brand identity in one design

No other element of your corporate identity is as present as your logo. And can evoke so many associations with just a few means.
Why has the logo played such an important role as an unmistakable trademark since ancient times? We humans are visual beings. This means that we perceive most of our surroundings through our eyes. The logo is therefore a visual symbol carrier that calls up the brand name and other content associated with the brand in the consumer’s mind. There is a nice word for this: mnemonic appeal.

The associations and emotions that are evoked are the result of a consistently implemented brand strategy. The brand is an important part of this and, with the right design, contributes to its success.

Whether it’s a creative redesign or a completely new development, we at Melters Werbeagentur will work closely with you to design a logo that perfectly represents the personality of your company and your product, both internally and externally. What values should your brand convey? Are there already design specifications in terms of typography and color scheme as part of your corporate design? What special features should be taken into account (e.g. accessibility for people with red-green deficiency or general color blindness)?

The logo as a carrier of your brand values

Figurative mark, word mark or word/figurative mark – we provide you with a logo that gets to the heart of your brand and your company’s core message.
But: The best and most creative logo is useless if it is not understood by the consumer and leads to perplexity rather than a desire to buy. For this reason, we develop a trademark for you that is understandable, memorable and unmistakable. So that you stand out from the competition and are noticed by your target group.

Whether on your business cards, your website, on advertisements or in image films – your logo is always included. Therefore, another condition for a successful design is its reproducibility in different contexts. Consequently, the question of a static or dynamic logo also arises. In order for the brand logo to be effective on all advertising materials, the design should not be too small and should be created in different color spaces.

Sounds logical? We agree. We will be happy to advise you on your options.