Crack the 3-second score!


The good old print ad. As long as there will be print media, advertisements will be able to maintain their rightful place in the marketing mix. And rightly so: you can use it to reach the general public as well as a select group of specialists – depending on the medium and target group.

Despite all expectations, even the Internet has hardly been able to harm this popular form of advertising. On the contrary: many companies use advertisements in print media to draw attention to their website.

But what does the ad have over other print measures such as brochures or posters that makes it so popular? Quite simply – by integrating it into an existing print medium, a specific target group defined by the readership of the medium in question is addressed. Together with the choice of the appropriate environment (editorial content), the scatter loss can be reliably minimized. And that’s not all: while other advertising materials have to be printed and distributed separately, the carrier medium takes care of this step. Practical and cost-saving!

The PR advertisement is a special form. Placed in the editorial section of a newspaper or magazine and hardly distinguishable from it in terms of design, it generates a particularly high degree of credibility. Such editorial advertisements are usually even cheaper than advertisements, but are also labeled as “advertisement”.

We help you to stand out from the crowd

Advertisements are ideal for most marketing objectives: Whether you want to announce new products or upcoming promotions, optimize your brand image, boost sales with special discounts or provide information about your company – thanks to the wide range of options in terms of design and content, the ad is the perfect advertising medium for this. But if you really want to be successful with your ad, you have to make your message stand out from the crowd.

How does that work? With a clear concept and a well thought-out design that appeals to and captivates the viewer. After all, readers take an average of three seconds to look at an ad. The aim is to beat this 3-second score and “capture” the potential customer with the message.

We will be happy to advise you on whether and in which media print ads are relevant for your target group, create an accurate advertising concept and the corresponding media plan. As a passionate creative agency, we naturally also take care of the textual and graphic design. No one will be able to get past your ad!

Ads with style

Do you want more attention for your message? No problem! The advertisement can also be integrated into a holistic cross-media mix. Radio spots, direct marketing, social media and many other measures – with us you get everything from a single source. Our three teams of experts – Corporate, Digital and Packaging – ensure an all-round successful overall appearance as part of an integrated campaign.

The digital version of the advertisement has also become an integral part of the marketing mix. That’s only logical: After all, there are even more options available here for designing and addressing target groups. Another argument in favor of online ads is that the success of the measure can be tracked using concrete figures: Figures such as click-through rate, reach or conversion rate provide information on how well the ad was received and how it can be optimized.

Banner ads, Google Ads, Layer Ads, Native Ads, Pop Ups: We know the alphabet of online marketing and create the right ad for every target group – with style and accuracy! This allows you to accompany potential customers along the entire customer journey.

Are you ready to crack the success code with us? Our team is already in the starting blocks!