We’ve got something for your ears!

Hear us out: good radio spots make their way through the ear canal directly into the heart of your customers. Ideally, they trigger an emotional purchase decision there. And don’t be shy: radio advertising via radio works for many B2Ctarget groups and for budget pots of all sizes. Radio is still largely underestimated as an advertising medium. As a background medium, it often drones on in the room. Active involvement tends to be low. However, as part of an integrated campaign, a well-placed radio spot can enhance the impact of TV and print advertising enormously.

We create (audio) worlds

But radio advertising can also score on its own. Do you offer irresistible deals, promotional discounts and other time-limited promotions? The ideal candidates for your next radio ad! On one condition: the message must be heard.

With the power of words and the right sound alone, we transport the audience to the remotest corners of the earth or to the infinity of the universe. That’s the beauty of radio: we don’t need expensive sets, costumes or backgrounds to create our own (audio) worlds. We just have to hit the right notes to stimulate the listener’s imagination. Radio is the ultimate storytelling medium.

Radio spots are not rocket science, but they do require a certain sensitivity for the right mix. A sound understanding of the target group. And also the knowledge of how a radio spot must be dramaturgically structured to achieve the desired effect. This includes the preparation and use of information in the right place. Sounds complicated? Don’t worry: we capture the customer for you – with a target group-oriented approach and texts that go straight from the ear to the heart. Depending on the individual spot and budget, we use the entire range of good radio spots: emotional storytelling, suitable (prominent) voices, music.

The sound of your business

And how about a sound logo? Similar to the company logo, it gives your radio spot an individual stamp that identifies it directly with your company. The right sound with a catchy tune increases the recognition value for the target group and is therefore part of the corporate design. Dialectal colorations, accents or children’s voices that match the advertised product or brand also contribute to a successful composition. They ensure a “visual transfer” – the story creates images in the mind.

In addition to large companies, small and medium-sized enterprises are also increasingly exploring the possibilities of radio advertising. We will advise you in detail about your options: Do you want to benefit from the strong listener loyalty and appeal of regional radio stations or rely on the high reach of national radio stations? We also determine the perfect broadcasting time for you to reach your target group! Whether a classic advertising spot, tandem spot or mini spot – with our ideas, the trip to your customers’ ears becomes a sales-promoting experience.

Sounds good? Then give us a call!