It all starts with a good idea

In a way, this sentence has become our secret leitmotif. Why? Because we like to create concepts that have a solid foundation. This means that we don’t just start designing and copywriting, we first familiarize ourselves with your product or service. This can be done through a concise but accurate briefing or through a detailed market and target group analysis. Just how you want it and how your brand needs it.

But what exactly does a concept mean? The concept is, so to speak, the plan of the big picture. The basis for all communication activities. It takes into account the brand values and the communicative objective and contains the basic idea and the core message of the campaign. Using this as a basis, our copywriters and designers then create advertising materials for you that not only look good, but also really work.

Does that sound so exciting that you want to find out more about our work? It all starts with this good idea …