The maneuver to your success

Fun fact: In the 17th century, the French word “campagne” was adopted into German – with the meaning “maneuver”. The term was later adapted for commercial use. When we talk about a campaign today, we mean a sum of advertising media that is used over a certain period of time in selected advertising media and areas. But the word has actually retained much of its original meaning: A campaign is nothing more than a marketing maneuver. Its strength lies primarily in short-term sales promotion. And the commanders of the past are the marketing managers of today.

In the global competition between brands and products, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract the attention of the target group. And, above all, to retain it. We make sure that you are not just one brand among many, but the one for your customers. How does that work? With the knowledge of current trends and the right feel for the marketing of the future. Thanks to innovative ideas and technical know-how, we sharpen the profile of your brand and reach your target group: offline. Online. Cross-media.

From concept to strategy

An overview of the current situation is crucial to the success of a campaign. The company’s image and its competitors are scrutinized as part of a situation analysis. The results of this assessment provide information about the campaign objective: Which motive should be the focus of the measure? Do you want to draw attention to a new product or provide information about the company? Employer branding can also be carried out as part of a campaign.

Once the framework conditions have been defined, the next step is the battle plan or marketing concept. The core message is central to every campaign. The customer benefit refers to the advantages or benefits that the customer obtains by purchasing the new product, for example. The Reason Why is derived from this, i.e. the reason why this particular product will provide the customer with an advantage or benefit. The concept also defines the tonality: How should the customer’s attention be captured and which emotions should be addressed? The corporate design essentially sets the direction for the design and wording.

The size of the marketing campaign and which of the various weapons in the marketing mix are used depends on the objectives and budget. At the Melters advertising agency, we make sure that you are always in the right position: Whether classic print advertising, promotions, radio spots or online measures – we coordinate all the components to maximize your advertising impact.

After the campaign is before the campaign

Attention. Credibility. Relevance. Retention ability. Continuity. These are the five main pillars of every campaign. Thanks to our wide-ranging experience in numerous disciplines and sectors, we at Melters are always one day ahead of the competition. We plan, design, draft and create: From the initial concept and photo shoots to the design of the campaign visuals and the development of suitable claims. But our campaigns don’t just look good! With emotional storytelling, we hit your target group right in the heart. This way you will stay in your customers’ minds for a long time.

In a good campaign, all departments pull together. With a clearly defined strategy, we ensure that all internal and external stakeholders are on the same page and have a precise idea of how the campaign will be implemented. Let’s summarize: We have a campaign objective, a suitable strategy, a clear message, binding framework conditions and the appropriate marketing mix. But watch out: A campaign is far from over once it has been implemented! Even during implementation, but especially after completion of the measure, it is important to evaluate!

Was the campaign a success? What new areas have been opened up and how many followers have been gained? The final analysis provides information on which (sub)objectives have been achieved. Relevant factors in this context are the attention of (potential) customers, communicative and economic success. This last step should not be neglected under any circumstances, as it results in important criteria and key figures for your next campaign.

Do you want to start planning right away? Our strategists are ready and waiting for your command!