direct marketing

Hit the mark with your advertising!


Of course we love the world wide web. But let’s be honest: from time to time, we all feel a little overwhelmed by the anonymous information that floods in on us every day. How nice it can be to open the letterbox or e-mail inbox and find a letter with a personal address – plus an exclusive offer from our favorite brand of choice 100 percent tailored to us. So much exclusivity is rare these days. And that’s why it’s back on the rise!

Do you have a new promotion? Direct marketing makes it possible for you to tell only those people for whom the effort is really worthwhile: the customers who exhibit a purchasing behavior that exactly matches your campaign. And here we have another advantage of technological progress: you can now record your customers’ shopping habits much more easily and use them for your own marketing objectives. Now if that isn’t a win-win situation! Or you can use the opportunity to remind customers who have not contacted you for a while. Direct marketing also offers a wide range of opportunities for acquiring new customers.

Measure your success!

Direct marketing has advantages that can hardly be matched by other advertising measures: Thanks to the direct approach using customized offers, the waste circulation of your message is low. This in turn saves your marketing budget. Which measure is the most promising for your objective? We will be happy to advise you: You can present your range of services in the form of mailings, flyers and product brochures. Or you can decide to initiate a dialog with the customer and give them the option of responding directly to your approach. This so-called dialog marketing makes it possible to precisely measure your success: How many of the customers you have approached have contacted you back? Did this feedback lead to a purchase? Who did not react to the advertising at all? Answers to these questions can help you to further optimize your marketing measures in the future and distribute them in an even more targeted manner.

So: Use your company’s own customer data to maintain an informative database. With the help of this database marketing, you can display your advertising material to relevant customers. Or adapt your campaigns to the needs of your customers. That way you are guaranteed to hit the mark! Do you need support in defining appropriate target groups? No problem: we’re here for you!

Whether mailings, inserts or event invitations – we develop a concept to suit your objectives and design your advertising materials stylishly and exclusively. We deliver appealing headlines and engaging texts directly on request, naturally also taking into account different target groups. Your direct marketing measures will be crowned with success!

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