Nothing beats personal dialog



Mass mailing of e-mails and spam messages? No, thank you! Nobody really wants that. Despite the conceptual proximity, mailings mean something different: the sending of advertising messages by post to a predefined target group. Target or customer group. Therefore, this beautiful and, by the way, extremely Effective medium should not be confused with the inflationary use of e-mails. A mailing is probably the most personal form of advertising after face-to-face marketing. Do you want to acquire new customers or maintain existing relationships? No problem: whether new products, promotions, price campaigns or trade fairs – mailings can be used in a variety of ways and draw attention to your products. brand and your company.

Cost-effective and versatile



Your big advantage: You can use existing address data to and thus guarantee a direct and very personal approach to your customers. Target group. Mailing is therefore one of the instruments of the so-called direct marketing.

And best of all: your marketing budget is spared! On the one hand, mailings are relatively inexpensive compared to TV commercials, posters or advertisements. This makes them suitable for both large and small companies. Secondly, a mailing with the right concept has very little wastage. Optionally, this scatter loss can be further reduced by a multi-stage measure and the success rate increased. Sounds good? A mailing can do much more!

There are virtually no limits to creativity when it comes to the haptic design either: whether landscape, tall or square, thick or thin, mini format or oversized, self-mailer, envelope or parcel – the mailing is as simple as that. versatile, so that every message finds the right place in it. Also available with an insert or finishing on request.

A response element is particularly recommended. For example, in the form of a reply card or an order form. Because dialog with your customers enables a more precise analysis of success and target groups. And gives you valuable tips on how you can optimize future campaigns. You can also bring your product to life for the target group with enclosed samples or coupons. We will be happy to advise you on your options!

We take care of your success



In order for a personal dialog to take place, your mailing must not only stand out visually, it must above all do one thing: relevant be. This guarantees that your message reaches where it should: in the mind of your customer. How do you achieve this? We take care of that! With the right storytelling, emotional appeal and texts that are precisely tailored to your customers and their needs. Because the best design is only half as successful if the content doesn’t strike a chord with the reader. We make sure that everything fits!

That speaks for us: we have the technical know-how, know the legal rules of the game in the age of data protection & Co. and have the necessary creative potential. Attention-grabbing design, targeted Texts, strong arguments and choosing the right medium – with this mix, your next mailing is guaranteed to be a success! We are also happy to take care of production and mailing for you.

Convinced? Then give us a call! A personal letter is of course also possible.