Corporate Design

Give a face to your brand!


How happy we are at the sight of something familiar! A well-known lettering, a color combination or an image that immediately evokes certain associations in us. A promise. A feeling of security. And the knowledge to make the right decision.

What triggers these emotions? Your corporate design, of course! As part of the corporate identity, it forms a uniform basis for all your communication measures and is the visual appearance of your brand.

One design – many possibilities


Although terms such as corporate design and corporate identity were only coined in the 20th century, the idea behind them is almost as old as mankind itself: demonstrating a unit. Stand out from other groups. Visualize culture and values.

Not much has changed to this day. Because design constants such as logos, typography, color spaces and many others do exactly that: they identify all products belonging to your company and/or your brand. Differentiate them clearly from the competition. And show at a glance what values the company stands for. In this way, the corporate design offers your target group recognition and orientation wherever they encounter your brand.

Digitalization opens up possibilities that go far beyond the classic areas of application – print advertising, office equipment, workwear, product and packaging design. We optimize the design elements for all communication channels so that your image can also assert itself as the visual anchor of your brand in the digital world. Profile pictures for the various social media networks, templates for video montages and posts on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. – we know the rules of the game for each platform! And maximize the perception and success of your online presence with our in-depth know-how.

Corporate design of the future


Mobility, social networks, sharing, cloud, artificial intelligence … all signs point to the fact that consumers will have a greater say in the image of a brand in the future. Therefore, the motto is: communicate with the customer, not about him!

Our experienced team knows the challenges and opportunities that arise from this. The aim is to meet the changing interests of the relevant groups. And at the same time to establish a timeless, continuous style that positions your brand beyond passing trends. Is your company focusing on sustainability? Corporate design also includes the selection of appropriate materials. Anyone who switches to environmentally friendly alternatives for printing brochures and the like is making an effective public statement.

We advise you on the development of your CD and implement it for you with a view to the target group and with great attention to detail. Our services are tailored to your needs: from website relaunch to the (re)design of the logo and all communication formats to a sophisticated and unmistakable corporate design manual, we offer you exactly the service your brand requires.

With convincing products and a suitable corporate design, not only your customers become brand ambassadors. Suppliers, partners, the company’s own employees and even competitors are also addressed. The coherence between external and internal or self-perception is fundamental to this. As branding experts, we are of course also happy to help you with this!

Vision. Mission. Positioning. And not to forget: customer benefits. All these building blocks are part of the corporate identity. Based on the resulting catalog of values, we formulate your brand essence clearly and accurately. In turn, we translate this into a distinctive design, thereby bridging the gap between strategy and practical design.

How about a cross-channel image campaign with the new face of your brand? Show the world who you are! We’re right at your side. Offline. Online. Cross-media.