When the future is already the present

Don’t just invest in your financial security. Lay the foundation for the future of your health today: Ticeba is one of the most successful bio-pharmaceutical life science companies of recent years and specializes in the collection and storage of stem cells for regenerative therapies. Life insurance couldn’t be more personal!


What sounds like the stuff of a science fiction movie has long been a reality for Ticeba. For the company, one thing is clear: stem cells can save lives! However, many people are not yet aware of the possibilities of this special science or have reservations about it due to a lack of knowledge. Designing detailed information material and increasing awareness of the Ticeba brand is a task for the Melters advertising agency!


As part of an ambitious growth strategy, a comprehensive brand relaunch is set in motion. In addition to a large-scale image campaign, this also includes the design of a customer magazine. Everything worth knowing is presented here in a clear and structured way: Anyone looking for information can now grasp the most important facts at a glance. The logo gets a little refresh so that it communicates the company’s innovative strength even more strongly to the outside world. The entire visual world joins in the chorus of progress and optimization. The website also gets a modern look. With just a few clicks of the mouse, the website tells the story of the stem cells, from their collection to their many uses. An all-round coherent appearance for Ticeba!

Invest in the future of your brand – we’ll make sure it pays off!