Corporate Branding

Everyone needs a mission statement. Your brand too.


If you immediately feel the fresh tingle of ice-cold sugar water on your tongue when you see a Coca-Cola® logo and think of the red Christmas trucks and the elegantly curved glass bottles, you are experiencing the result of decades of consistent brand development across all communication channels.

This process is known as corporate branding. This involves the overall impact of a company as a brand within the framework of an umbrella brand strategy. Regardless of whether it is a single-brand or multi-brand company.

Why is it so important to understand your own company as a brand and to actively manage the perception of this brand in the target groups? Because a strong brand has the power to move markets and inspire the imagination. Imagine, for example, how easy it would be to produce a Coca-Cola Christmas stollen: How it would taste and look is obvious.

Another example: What do you order when you ask for a caffeinated soft drink in a restaurant? Cola is often used in everyday language, so the brand has become synonymous with the product. Anyone who manages to link product and brand name in this way and be virtually omnipresent in everyday life can really pat themselves on the back for their successful strategy.

And that’s not all the advantages of corporate branding. On top of that, a well-cultivated brand image protects against reputation-damaging rumors: Media reports about poor working conditions at a Coca-Cola Company plant or similar would hardly cause sales to collapse because the brand’s strong quality image would prevail at the decisive moment on the supermarket shelf. So it’s no wonder that the corporate brand accounts for up to 50 percent of the company’s value.

Your competitive advantage with
Corporate Branding


Let’s spell out what this means: Corporate branding is not just about company names, design, logos, customer approach and product portfolio. The corporate brand addresses all influencing and stakeholder groups. It therefore also plays an important role in employer branding.

Clear statements on topics such as sustainability, environmental protection and other areas of political or social responsibility also contribute to the company’s trust capital. Given the abundance of products on the market, a corporate brand that is positively anchored in public perception has a clear competitive advantage. And provides orientation.

Convinced? Then take the opportunity to promote the good name of your company into an attractive brand! To make your customers feel they are in good hands. And to turn your employees into loyal brand ambassadors. As a specialist in corporate branding, we work with you to develop your brand mission statement and derive binding design and content guidelines for your internal and external corporate communications: corporate identity, corporate design and corporate communication. To do this, we analyze the current market and competitive situation. We accurately identify your target group. And develop a strategy that will lead your corporate brand to success.

Our three teams are at your disposal with all their expertise and have only one thing in mind: the best solution for your company. Do you also want to move markets and inspire the imagination? We support you in this – contact us!