Tasteful appearance

Delicious meatballs for the next party, a juicy burger for dinner – but without meat, please! Current trends show that more and more people around the world are opting for a vegetarian or at least a flexitarian diet. Meat product manufacturers are therefore faced with the challenge of offering their customers meat-free alternatives. No problem for Abbelen! With over 60 years of experience, the company from Tönisvorst knows exactly what is important: delicious taste.


The international launch of a vegetarian product range that can easily compete with both the meat-based originals and the competition on the global vegetarian market.


The Melters advertising agency is awarded the contract for a comprehensive strategic brand concept. To do this, we first develop a brand name that is internationally understood and associated with positive characteristics: The Good One. A good alternative for anyone who wants to do without meat but not without taste. The claim “Meatless happy” summarizes the emotional message of the brand and can be easily translated into the respective national language.

The wording and tonality are tailored to the product; the next phase of the brand launch is about creating a suitable look that whets the appetite for the new brand across countries. The packaging team at the Melters advertising agency developed a packaging design that combines artisanal elements with a modern look. The choice of color creates a strong block formation on the shelf that sets it apart from other international veggie brands. At the same time, a multilingual website is being created that fully reflects the fresh and self-confident character of The Good One: information and inspiration embedded in a design that is intuitive and fun.

With these measures, we have created the ideal basis for expanding The Good One as a brand of alternative indulgence. While further vegetarian products are already being planned to expand the range, our online team is working on a powerful strategy to position The Good One as a digital brand both nationally and internationally.