Making marketing measurable

New packaging design, a user-friendly website, a meticulously planned cross-media campaign – and yet the expected success still fails to materialize! Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that a marketing strategy will work. The constantly changing market requires a high degree of flexibility and short reaction times on the part of companies that want to remain competitive. So are we fated to leave the success of our marketing activities to chance or the short-term whims of the market?
Not at all!

As part of marketing controlling, regular audits are important tools for optimizing a company’s marketing activities. The aim is to determine whether or to what extent the objectives set have actually been achieved. And to derive further measures by systematically uncovering problems or potential for improvement.

Maximize your success

The prerequisite for a profitable audit is careful planning, preparation and the definition of the aspects to be examined. Using a checklist, we examine the measures of your current marketing strategy with regard to their efficiency. Comparisons of target and actual status, budget control and analysis of any deviations from the original objectives help us to get your marketing activities back on track in good time. This allows you to react more quickly and flexibly to changes in the market and competitive situation.

We recommend carrying out marketing audits at regular intervals in order to adapt marketing activities to current trends and external influences.

Strengthen your online presence

Is your website performing? Will your leads become customers? Are your Google Ads more than placeholders?
The effectiveness of online marketing is much easier to check than that of offline campaigns due to the figures available. At the same time, the success factors for SEO measures are becoming increasingly complex.

But it’s not just about checking the KPIs regularly – it’s about checking the right ones! On the one hand, these depend on your previously defined goals. And the benchmarks against which these targets are measured.
As part of an SEO audit, we analyze on-page and off-page factors, conversion rates, keyword rankings, website loading speeds, dwell times and click and bounce rates, for example. This is where it’s important: Stay on the ball! With the right digital strategy, you can be a decisive step ahead of the competition. Through continuous monitoring and the measures derived from this, our online team ensures that your digital brand presence is sustainably strengthened.

With the help of a content audit, we take an inventory of your existing content. Using an individually defined catalog of criteria, we determine which content needs to be created from scratch and what needs to be optimized from the existing content. This also includes a definition of the target groups, the tone of voice and the tracking concept. A content audit is indispensable in the content lifecycle. Another advantage: especially for large projects such as a website relaunch, a prior inventory saves valuable resources and time.

Do your measures work together across channels? Does this result in a consistent brand experience for the customer? Where are the traffic sources of your competitors? Are canonicals and redirects set correctly? Is Google Analytics implemented correctly and providing reliable data?
You can get answers to these and many other questions from us. Are you ready for the recall?