This is where it gets really detailed

Small, smaller, precision engineering – miniature turned parts are required to ensure that the dental implant delivers what it promises. In the spa town of Bad Boll, Schweizer Feinwerktechnik is dedicated to the complex manufacturing process, which requires a high degree of precision and expertise. The company’s credo: Never settle for the second-best solution. We know that well. So it was clear to us: this is a case for the Melters advertising agency!


The development of a holistic strategy to position and publicize the company as a competent and reliable contract manufacturer for various manufacturers.


A new advertising presence from offline to online. In addition to the new logo, which is present as the visual anchor of the brand on all advertising materials, the entire business equipment was adapted to the revised design. The newly designed image brochure brings the brand to the customer in an analog way. However, the central element of the marketing mix is the new website: In terms of content and visual focus, the new online presence addresses the manufacturers’ target group with clear messages. Images and video footage document important work steps and convey the high quality standards, professionalism and technical expertise of Schweizer Feinwerktechnik.

Thanks to the new appearance and an active dialog campaign, the specialist for small turned parts can already look forward to several new customers.