How to reach your customers

Challenger. Charger. Durango. Ram. The names say it all: anyone who chooses a vehicle from the Dodge line-up is putting a true American legend on the road. The muscle and sports cars impress with their unmistakable design and breathtaking power.

Founded in the USA in 1914, the car manufacturer initially made a name for itself with limousines and trucks. For a long time, the Dodge Viper defined the brand’s image in Europe: rear-wheel drive and with a ten-cylinder engine with a displacement of eight liters, it was considered one of the most technically advanced sports cars in the world.

In terms of positioning on the American and European markets, a lot has happened at Dodge in recent years. But the core of the brand has remained: High-torque sports cars with the potential to become real icons.


The Heermann-Rhein dealership has added the American Dream of every speed fan to its range. This should of course be advertised accordingly. Enhancing the image of the dealership in the Heilbronn/Stuttgart area is also on the agenda – after all, there are only a few dealerships in Germany that sell the Dodge brand. This also creates an economic advantage for the region.


Strategic online marketing supported by a comprehensive package of analog advertising measures. The Dodge vehicles are staged in a visually stunning way and localized with corresponding texts. The landing page is the focal point of all digital and analog measures.

For the defined purpose – the generation of traffic and leads – a specially designed landing page has several advantages over a conventional website: The potential customer gets exactly the information they need about the product with the least possible effort. The landing page is not accessed via the navigation menu of the car dealership’s website, but for example by entering the URL directly, via links in advertisements, newsletters and social media channels or via Google search results. There is therefore no coincidence involved here, but a conscious decision by the user based on his needs. This makes it all the more important that the landing page fulfills these requirements. The Dodge vehicles are presented in a correspondingly clear and uncluttered manner. With just one click on the image, the customer can find out everything about the respective model.

Superfluous buttons, information and links that lead away from the landing page are avoided in order to maximize the dwell time. Within a few seconds, the user can arrange a test drive using the online form. Or use the pop-up window to contact the customer advisor directly by phone and get personal advice. The wide range of contact options creates a direct relationship between the customer and the dealership. Another positive effect: the generation of valuable leads.

The conversion rates show: The dealership’s expanded range to include Dodge has been extremely well received by customers and has resulted in numerous online inquiries for test drives and consultations. In the Heilbronn/Stuttgart region, the image enhancement campaign is proving successful. The customer is completely satisfied. Then so are we.

Does your brand also have the potential to become an icon? With us for sure! Give us a call: We take your brand’s digital presence to the next level – your target group will be thrilled!