Ad management

Increasing effectiveness, measuring success

If you want to hold your own against international brands in the long term, there is no way around professional ad management. Strategically thought out and implemented, this will also give your company a significant advantage over the competition.
In short, ad management (or ad operations) is about planning, managing and monitoring online advertising, from the initial idea to the actual implementation. This makes it an increasingly important tool in the context of a holistic digital strategy.

The best thing is that ad management is not only growing in importance, but is also becoming increasingly effective. As a result, the field of activity is much more diverse and extensive than it was a few years ago – a development that our digital team has embraced with experience and expertise!

How to leave a lasting impression

Improve brand awareness, increase reach, generate leads: Ad management can achieve all of this. You define your marketing goal – our digital team ensures measurable success! And at the right time, in the right place.
We know the rules of the game on the various platforms and know how to get the best possible benefit for your advertising objectives. We use analysis tools to determine the preferred online touchpoints and interests of your target group. Based on these results, we select the appropriate platforms for your online campaigns, create target group-specific content and thus reduce wastage. We pay attention to an authentic presentation of your company and your brand in terms of corporate identity. By continuously monitoring the response and concrete figures (ad impressions or views, clicks, conversions), we optimize your campaigns on an ongoing basis to achieve maximum success.

Alongside Google Ads, social media ads (social media advertising, SMA or social network advertising) are among the most popular and most promising forms of ad management. Facebook in particular is an opportunity for your company to place effective advertising on one of the largest social networks that is precisely segmented and targeted to your target group. With the right storytelling, powerful texts and graphics, our digital team ensures relevant content – and therefore the attention of your customers.

The big players of social media advertising

In addition to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and XING are also among the big players in advertising-relevant social networks. With Facebook, the opportunities for your company lie above all in the different advertising placements and the differentiated targeting options, which – depending on the advertising objective – can increase your brand awareness or generate more traffic.
Facebook ads are displayed to both desktop and mobile users and can be placed in the right-hand column, in the Marketplace, as Instant Articles or Stories. Ads fit particularly naturally into the newsfeed. Each user’s feed is the central collection point for messages of all kinds, whether comments from family members, friends’ birthdays or news from subscribed sites. Facebook ads that can be thematically integrated into this news stream therefore have a high response potential.

The same applies to Instagram: The photo and video ads fit very naturally into the user’s perception, as they are placed between the conventional posts and are only highlighted by the visual indication “sponsored”. Promoted Tweets, text ads, sponsored InMail, display ads, overlays, companion banners, in- and out-of-stream ads, video discovery … Each network offers you different ways to present your company in text and/or images.

Campaign management with cost control

The cost-per-click payment method, which is also common for search engines, applies to Facebook and Co. This means that only ads that lead to the desired success are paid for. The cost of the advertising space is determined by a real-time auction. Among other things, they depend on the competition and the quality and relevance of the ad (Quality Score). This process has the advantage that it is not the highest bidder who gets the most coveted place, but the one who can come up with the best content and the highest target group relevance. For this reason, and because ads can be controlled both globally and regionally, ad management is suitable for companies of all sizes.

Cost control is another major advantage of ad management. By setting a total or daily amount (ad spend), you determine the maximum amount you want to spend on an ad. Depending on the evaluation of the promotion, you may have to pay less than planned. Otherwise you will only spend the maximum amount you have set. Good, right?

Effective lead generation or deepening of existing customer relationships thanks to customized ads – with optimal cost control and measurable key figures: Would you also like to position your brand effectively in social networks? Then contact us, we are just a few clicks away!