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In the tranquil town of Obergünzburg, dairy products are made that both young and old can enjoy with a clear conscience: 100% Allgäu milk. 100 % taste. 0 % genetic engineering. The formula is simple yet effective. Because customers can always rely on the quality of the traditional Saliter dairy. The approximately 250 dairy farmers who supply Saliter have their farms within a maximum radius of 30 km. The short distances benefit the milk and the farmers as well as the environment. But Saliter does even more: the dairy products have always been filled in glass bottles. Compared to other packaging materials, these are much more sustainable and therefore protect the natural resources of Saliter’s beautiful green homeland.


Whole and low-fat milk, coffee cream, condensed milk, mixed milk drinks – Saliter has something for everyone. The range is complemented by a large selection of organic products. The Melters advertising agency is to ensure more attention and block formation on the shelf.


A redesign of the bottle labels for the entire product range. The new design focuses on conveying origin and quality: the background with its soft colors, mountains and meadows brings the Allgäu directly onto supermarket shelves and into customers’ homes. Strong typography and bold colors to differentiate between the varieties put the milk specialties prominently in the field of vision of small and large summiteers.

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Majestic mountains that kiss the sky, lush green meadows and happy cows grazing on them: The Allgäu is the home of the Saliter dairy.