In the mood for shopping? Then you’ll love the Neutor family!

In Dinslaken and the surrounding area, no one is surprised anymore. The Neutor Galerie is a place that not only invites you to store, but also to spend time with the whole family. Children’s cinema, exciting family events and a varied food court included.


With such a great offer, shouldn’t it be easy to stand out from the competition? Not when it is as large as in the Ruhr region. Residents can reach a wide range of shopping facilities in just a few minutes by car. Not to mention the Internet, which is constantly trying to tempt us with online shopping offers everywhere.


So a clear positioning was needed. And an eye-catching, target group-oriented campaign that leaves no doubt: Shopping at Neutor Galerie is the best choice for families!

That was the birth of the Neutor family: a likeable gang of four who present the advantages and activities of the Neutor Gallery in family situations in print media, on the website and on the radio. A campaign that attracts attention! Thanks to their open and authentic nature, you can only love the four of them, laugh at them and with them and recognize yourself in them from time to time. This creates trust. And a desire to go shopping in the Neutor Galerie.

The little 1×1 of marketing: Just click and look it up!