Shopping with a good conscience? Is possible now!

They still exist: the jobs that give us advertisers the feeling that we have done a good job. But first things first: The Bethel Foundation in Bielefeld puts its heart and soul into the professional and social integration of people with disabilities. In the workshops, the employees produce fantastic accessories for the living area from high-quality and regional materials. You just have to talk about it. Said. Done.


Until now, the many workshops were not very closely interlinked. An individual branding strategy was therefore required – including a uniform, identity-creating brand name as well as a unique look and sales-promoting platforms for the online and offline sale of goods.


A coherent corporate identity through consistent and sustainable brand development! For this reason, all workshops are now presenting themselves together under the name “Manufaktur Bethel”. An own logo with claim as well as fresh image material through the photo shoot designed and implemented by us give the manufactory a face and provide the basis for bringing the products closer to the consumer with beautiful stories. Now you can store with a clear conscience! We packaged the brand values and components we had acquired for the client in a handy brand manual. This gives every responsible employee a picture of the brand with all its characteristics and enables them to pass this on. Spread the word!