Served up: This topic simply has to be addressed!

Ok, bread can’t talk (even if the TV says otherwise), but the quality of Kronenbrot speaks for itself! Fresh bread is baked here every day. Without preservatives. With tradition. And did you know that Kronenbrot has much more to offer than the classic bread we love to eat for breakfast?


The great variety of Kronenbrot should not only be displayed on supermarket shelves – the range should also be served up online and presented in all its richness. The digital store is designed to provide customers with simple and competent information and encourage them to consume. But a look at the company and its history is also a must. Challenge accepted!


Please enter: With Kronenbrot’s online bakery, we present a new, fresh web presence for the brand that does justice to the artisanal quality of the products as well as their delicious taste. In addition to detailed product information, emotional messages, information about the quality promise and interesting facts about the company’s success story can be found here. And if you can’t get enough of Kronenbrot, you can browse the new careers portal to find a great job. And which topic would you like us to address next?

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