When you need to get out for a moment

Oof, that was a tough month. Extremely successful, but stressful. That’s enough. For real! First take a deep breath, then I’ll be happy to continue. I’ve got the green light from my boss. So into the camper and off to the Atlantic. Just get out for a moment. Everything I need is in the car. I fill the fridge on the way, and tonight I’m already sitting by the sea with a Château des Roques. It’s quite simple. As I get on the bike, I thank the inventors of the motorhome for saving me the hassle of having to book flights, accommodation and rental cars in a hurry. Double-oof!


With its 22 independent brands, the Erwin Hymer Group is the undisputed market leader in the segment of motorhomes, caravans, accessories and matching services. With the Erwin Hymer Group umbrella brand, the Group aims to offer its numerous brands a strong home. It was therefore necessary to develop an overarching corporate design and to implement it stringently in an emotional website, an image campaign and numerous information materials.


We have created an airy corporate branding that celebrates the beauty of the world and fuels the longing for distant adventures. It’s as simple and stress-free as a good vacation. And from the Brochureto the multilingual website, it relies on highly emotional imagery and strong stories.