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Food & Beverage

The shelves are bustling and the customer is faced with a wide range of products. Preference is the deciding factor here. And since the customer cannot test the product in the food retail trade, our recipe for success is a convincing packaging design with sufficient appetite appeal. With clear messages and the right codes, we hit the customer’s taste buds. What does that look like? Here are some examples:

Ehrmann Obstgarten
Ehrmann Grand Mousse
Poensgen packaging design
Mia Bella
chocolate raisins

Saliter Alps coffee creamer

Abbelen meatballs

Obala Premium GIn

Mia Bella Sortiment
Beauty & Health

When it comes to beauty & health, it’s not just the inner values that count. After all, beauty comes from within, but the promise must be visible from the outside so that the customer can access it. We create professional packaging designs that meet the high demands of aesthetics enthusiasts. From medical minimalist chic to premium appeal for high-caliber brand positioning – we’ve got the hang of it:

Cadeavera Product Range

Powergym Sport Nutrition



Lavozon sun cream
Pet Food

Whether dog or hamster – when it comes to caring for our beloved four-legged friends, we don’t want to buy a pig in a poke! Inform and convince is the recipe for any good pet food packaging design. This is what it looks like for us:

Gimborn packaging design

Pet Bistro packaging design

Gimborn Vitanis

Pet Bistro Limited Edition

Gevo bird dumplings

Pet Bistro bird assortment

NON Food

Even if the contents themselves are not edible, the packaging should be pleasing to the eye and reveal all the important information at a glance to convince the customer at the point of sale – so the product lands safely from the shelf in the shopping cart.

Grohe Packaging Relaunch
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