Beautiful to bite into

At this sight, hardly anyone can hold back: The sweet pleasure is still veiled. But even the first glance gives you an idea of the delights hidden beneath the other layers, just waiting to be tasted. Your fingers tingle with anticipation as the most wonderful shapes reveal themselves. “Mia Bella!” A promise. The scent of chocolate caresses the senses. We’re talking about top-quality indulgence here: cookie and chocolate specialties from the premium brand Mia Bella from Müller. What did you think?


As Müller does not use advertising, the products are their own advertising. Grab, open, enjoy – that’s Mia Bella’s credo. The sweet treats are not only intended for personal consumption, but can also be given as gifts, shared and enjoyed together. An appealing and eye-catching packaging design is required to do justice to this brand claim and appeal to the different target groups.


Mia Bella’s range is divided into several subranges. Each of them has its own target group, but they all have one thing in common: a love of sweets. Black backgrounds and decorative accents for the fine chocolate. Colorful, playful wallpapers for the children’s products. Gift optics and refinement for the sweet bars, which are better given and shared than enjoyed alone. Whether you’re an occasional snacker, a chocoholic or a gourmet – Mia Bella has something for everyone.

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