A design goes around the world

Whether young kittens and puppies, adult house tigers or loyal senior dogs – animals love snacks. Of course, it has to be the best!
As a pet expert, Gimborn specializes in the development of snacks that are tailored to the nutritional needs of dogs and cats. But the pastes, tabs and treats are more than just a valuable food supplement: they are a declaration of love to our four-legged friends and guarantee healthy enjoyment that makes both humans and animals happy.


In addition to key markets in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy, Gimborn now wants to conquer hearts internationally with its products.


Our packaging team has developed a unique design especially for the Chinese market that conveys the many years of experience and excellent quality of Gimborn’s products across cultural boundaries. The centerpiece is the animal silhouettes on a colorful background and the loving illustrations of the ingredients. Pet owners who want to know exactly what they are eating will find short texts on the back with interesting facts about the ingredients and their functions in animal nutrition.
Speaking of love: at Gimborn, everything revolves around animal welfare. For this reason, unnecessary ingredients such as preservatives and artificial colorants have been avoided in the recipe. Similarly, the design also does away with anything that is unnecessary – and presents what really interests owners: Is it only good for my four-legged friend? Of course! And you can see that at first glance.

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