Cross-media success


What do television, radio, magazines and smartphones in common? In addition to many other media, you can become an ambassador for your Brand become. And in the best case scenario, these channels do not merely coexist, but work together to improve your increase brand awareness.

The synergies of the channels


Networked, interactive and, ideally, multi-sensory – cross-media integration is the order of the day. And this is no longer the exclusive preserve of journalism, where it all began. Marketing has also discovered cross-media. How can an advertising message effectively reach the largest possible part of the target group? The answer: by using synergy effects from as many different channels as possible.

Thanks to the increasingly digitalized network and technological convergence between the media, we have more options for our communication mix than ever before. It is not just a matter of conveying your advertising message on different channels (integrated communication). No, the art lies in linking the content, form and design of the media used in parallel to create a holistic brand experience.

To speak of a cross-media campaign, at least two and preferably three media must be involved. And why? Multiple potential touchpoints not only increase the likelihood of being noticed by your target group in the first place: The different media within a cross-media campaign have a reminder function, so to speak, and can accompany the customer along the entire customer journey and beyond.

Use differences, ensure recognition


Using different media increases your chances of reaching different target groups and meeting their respective needs. The aim is to strategically utilize the specific advantages of the channels while maintaining a uniform external image. Our creatives will also master this balancing act for you! We ensure the differentiation and recognition value of your campaign through thematic stringency and adherence to formal design principles (taking your corporate design into account, of course).
Television, print advertising and radio often provide a more serious presentation framework, while social media enables personal interaction with your customers. Measures such as hashtags or QR codes are examples of successful attempts to link the above-mentioned offline and online channels with each other via cross-references.

Was the campaign successful and which channel made which contribution to the defined goal? These are all questions for the analysis, which incidentally do not only have to be asked at the end of the cross-media campaign, but can and should also be used during the campaign to evaluate and optimize the advertising impact.

Let us use the synergy effects: Your brand, our ideas – and your success! Our creative team is looking forward to your inquiry.