Content marketing

Success with relevant content


Everyone is probably familiar with content marketing. But what exactly is behind it all? And what is the point of successful content marketing? Generally speaking, it consists of using informative, advisory and entertaining content to reach your target group in the best possible way in order to convince them of your company and its range of services, especially in the area of online marketing. The key to victory: the content must be relevant and valuable for the target group. They have to offer real added value.

This is precisely why this marketing strategy does not focus on promotional information, but on high-quality and informative content, regardless of the form. Whether in writing in the form of texts, or visually as images and videos. Content is diverse and there are no rules as to what it should look like. It only has to meet the above criteria.

The sub-areas of content marketing and their objectives are just as diverse as the content itself. This includes, for example, lead generation or reach and brand development in the areas of SEO, social media, e-mail marketing, etc. As such a complex branch of marketing, content marketing is an elementary component of all corporate communication.

Advantages of content marketing


Especially in times of digital media, we are inundated with an immense flood of information every day. It is therefore not surprising that people’s attention spans are decreasing year on year due to this high density of information. Advertising in particular is strongly affected by this development, as we as humans are naturally not constantly open to advertising in our customer journey and are therefore interested in product information.

This is exactly what content marketing can take advantage of: Because content can be used to address people long before they are actually interested in a product and accompany them throughout the entire customer journey. It is therefore no wonder that content for content marketing is generally designed and produced with the user in mind, in contrast to traditional advertising, where this tends to be done from a corporate perspective. This can be a great advantage with a well-thought-out content marketing strategy, as viral effects, for example, can generate a huge free reach, especially in the area of social media and SEO.

What does that tell us? As part of a comprehensive and promising marketing strategy, the area of content should not be neglected. Because well thought-out, creative and informative content with real added value for your target group can contribute significantly to the success of a brand. It gives it individuality and a recognition value that should not be underestimated.