The eyes open

Once again Ehrmann proves that it can do more! The top brand for dairy products is expanding its range with further Grand Moments: delicious coffee specialties in to-go cups for an enjoyable start to the day or a little break in between.


It’s not just the contents that are intended to open customers’ eyes; the design of Grand Café is intended to catch everyone’s eye in the chiller cabinet and be anything but hard-boiled. Our packaging designers immediately get to work tirelessly!


At the top, noble purple, at the bottom Grand Café entices you to enjoy a drink with appetizing coffee colors. The fine marbling and the prominently displayed Arabica coffee beans reveal to the eye what awaits the palate: intense flavor and a full-bodied, creamy consistency. The color nuances make it easy to differentiate between varieties even before the first coffee is brewed. With this seductive look, the new product line fits in perfectly with Ehrmann’s Grand Design.

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