Off the beaten track? You can also stay on the ground here

What do you do at an airport? Right. You fly away. Or arrive. Or pick someone up. But should that be all? We don’t want to sound aloof, but Düsseldorf Airport can do more and proves it: You don’t always have to want to fly far away for DUS Airport to be worth a trip. Because there is also a lot to discover here on land.


The airport offers a wide range of services. In addition to arrivals and departures, the airport offers a wide range of restaurants and numerous shopping opportunities. And in order to attract more visitors to this offer in the future, a new name was needed to unite the entire portfolio and create the basis for a new and expanded positioning.


We have found that common denominator! After all, the airport is not only functional, it is also an experience for young and old: “ENJOY the Airport” is the new, internationally understandable motto that unites all facets of the airport. With the new umbrella brand “ENJOY”, the airport can now advertise its complete range of services. And the name not only has a brand-suitable character, it also serves as a friendly appeal. It’s worth keeping your feet on the ground.

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