Digital strategy

Let’s get digital

A website here, a Facebook account there and an occasional Instagram profile. Maybe another app, because the competition is doing the same thing?

A company’s digital presence often leads an insular life. However, in order to provide the target group with an uninterrupted and holistic brand experience, all online and offline measures should be dovetailed. The solution: a digital strategy! This defines behaviors and measures for achieving goals in the digital market. In short: all of the company’s online presences become a tool for setting overall corporate goals. If you want to hold your own in the competition between brands, there is no way around the digital transformation.

Which communication solutions make sense for my company? Where does my target group obtain information about my products and what do they need for a satisfying brand experience?

An analysis of the groups of people to be reached, their interests and their media usage behavior provides answers to the question of which touchpoints are relevant for the brand. Whether acquiring new customers or strengthening customer loyalty: Use the opportunity to enter into dialog with existing and potential customers as a brand and gain profitable insights into their usage behavior.
A well-thought-out and flexible digital strategy is rewarded: with the trust of your customers. And this can also be measured in concrete figures

The basis for your digital success

Many customers expect to have their own website. It is one of the target group’s first digital points of contact with your brand. Structure and organization are therefore decisive means of arousing interest and holding attention. Nowadays, most people have more than one mobile device (e.g. tablet, smartphone, laptop). All measures must therefore be optimized for all operating systems and browsers. If your storytelling is coherent across all channels, you can win over your target group!

Do you want to expand your sales markets digitally? An online store is the marketing sales tool par excellence. The fact that a potential customer types a keyword into the search engine, comes across your website or webshop and the desired conversion results from this is unfortunately more wishful thinking than reality. As a rule, a purchase is preceded by a not very straightforward customer journey that includes several communication channels.

And this is where the digital strategy comes into play: by actively using the various touchpoints, you can reach your target group and accompany them throughout their entire journey. Facebook & Co. are among the essential components of the customer journey. Each channel has its own rules that need to be observed if you want to achieve good results there. Your advantage: Measured values and figures provide concrete information on how your measures have been received by the target group and which sub-goals have been achieved.

How to land on page one

The effective use of search engine optimization (SEO) is also important. With the right keywords, you and your brand will land on page one in organic Google searches.

Search engine advertising (SEA) is an effective addition. Place ads for specific search terms so that these are displayed to the user in the web search. With one click, the potential customer is taken to a special page where he can find exactly the information he is looking for.
The structure of this landing page determines the further course of the customer journey. If the content is easy to understand and the user can find the information they are looking for, the chances are good. Time is a key factor here: customers want to get their information at a glance and without having to wait in annoying queues.

Speaking of waiting: are you ready for the digital transformation? Us too! Take your brand to a new level – our experienced digital team will help you!