Well found is half won

The search engine is the arena on which modern competition is played out. The winners in the battle for the top positions are either the highest bidders – or those who get a lot right. The wholesale and logistics company Selgros also wants to assert itself against the competition on the web. Selgros is not only one of the leading providers in the cash & carry segment, but also has a great deal of expertise when it comes to food. And users should benefit from this!


Bringing Selgros to the top of the Google search results and thus increase the visibility of the website for users – and also the chance that searching users will become satisfied customers.


Search engine marketing including strategic planning, appropriate setup and continuous optimization.
Our digital experts use SEO measures to increase the site’s relevance for the Google algorithm and thus generate organic growth. That’s why we go into content production. The art lies not only in the added value of the information, but also in the structuring, which makes it easier for the user to find the answers they are looking for and for the search engine to evaluate the content. In addition, comprehensive on- and off-page optimization takes place, which favors positioning in search engine rankings.
By placing paid ads, we also ensure that Selgros is present for keyword-relevant search queries and other stages of the user journey.

By combining SEO and SEA, the Melters advertising agency ensures that Selgros’ visibility in the search engine ranking competition is increased in the short and long term. We’re a good find, too – contact us now!

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