After the carnage: when the crime scene cleaner arrives

They did it again. An orgy of gluttony, wine bliss and social friction is celebrated. A whole weekend of cooking and entertaining friends and family – birthdays only come once a year. And after the carnage, you are left with a battlefield: carelessly torn open gift boxes, dirty disposable tableware, streamers, confetti, party hats, food packaging and buffet leftovers need to be cleaned up and disposed of, and some of the furnishings have not survived the spectacle. Time for the crime scene cleaner.


Whenever waste is produced in the border triangle between Aachen and Monschau, RegioEntsorgung AöR takes care of it. How lucky! But when is which garbage can collected, how is the waste separated and how do I organize my bulky waste? Consequently, we had to create an informative, intuitive and responsive website that provides all the information quickly. At the same time, it should be so strong and independent that it positions the company clearly in the competitive field and makes it visible as an attractive employer.


Based on a common definition of brand values, we have created a strong new image that will serve as the basis for all RegioEntsorgung advertising materials in the future. A website relaunch has created an online presence that integrates external planning tools for maintaining the numerous municipal waste calendars and keeps visitors’ search paths short despite the high density of information. A photo shoot produced authentic images from the everyday life of the refuse collectors, which ensure distinctiveness and can also be used in print media.

The little 1×1 of marketing: Just click and look it up!