How to prevent catastrophes

Breathe a sigh of relief: after a serious truck accident on July 27, 2016 in the tunnel on the A4 towards Jena, the One-Seven®fire-fighting system helped to prevent a devastating fire disaster. In the crucial minutes until the fire department arrived, the compressed air foam system brought the fire under control fully automatically. The Jagdberg tunnel was reopened to traffic by midday. Since then at the latest, we have been on fire for the topic.


With modern extinguishing systems based on particularly effective compressed air foam, the company One Seven® made a name for itself worldwide. In order to take the next important step in the development of the corporate identity, the German headquarters commissioned us with a complete brand relaunch, which was to cast the image of the dynamic technology leader in a contemporary form.


An investment in the pioneering One Seven®-technology could prevent many costly disasters. Reason enough for us to do a lot of convincing. In line with the corporate identity. With a powerful refresh of the corporate identity, we laid the foundation for new business papers, an extensive website, image and product brochures as well as films of real fire tests. To this end, we let the power of an unleashed fire inferno and the superiority of innovative compressed air foam technology compete against each other with relish in the design. Spoiler: The compressed air foam wins. Always.

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