If you just want to run your tongue over the monitor

Then you are probably landed in the digital branch of Konditorei Oebel . Here you can’t taste the outstanding quality of the delicious stollen – but you can experience it with other senses: An insight into the secret recipe, exciting facts about the cult cookie and, above all, delightful product images that really make your mouth water. Mmmhhhh… Makes you want to slip right through the monitor!


Stollen is only for the Christmas season? With a look at the new Websiteit should quickly become clear that Stollen can be enjoyed at any time and by anyone. The digital presence has the task of providing information about the wide range of products and exciting background information about the famous pasta. But above all, it should whet your appetite for stollen!


We give customers a taste for it! With delicious product shots where you can taste the flavor directly on your tongue. And with a clear structure of the website. Because not only should a bakery be well organized, the online store also needs to be clearly sorted. On the new website, customers can quickly find what they are looking for in a clearly laid out menu and learn a lot about the product range, the story behind the Stollen and the latest trade fair news. Have you already taken a bite?

The little 1×1 of marketing: Just click and look it up!