The emperor’s new design

When it comes to the art of baking, the traditional Oebel bakery is hard to beat. Thanks to selected ingredients, great attention to detail and almost 200 years of experience in the art of baking, Oebel’s baked goods are the perfect breakfast snack, coffee companion or lunchtime snack.

And for those with a sweet tooth who know what they want, Oebel brings special moments of indulgence to the table: Stollen. And not just at Christmas, but all year round! The secret? A recipe for success based on traditional craftsmanship and innovative baking. The result is something to be proud of – and has already won several awards, including the golden DLG medal and the golden Bundesehrenpreis.


Showing dedication – not only when baking, but also when communicating with customers: On the supermarket shelf. The premium claim of the gourmet stollen is to be conveyed visually and connoisseurs are to be invited all year round to leave the image of the classic Christmas stollen behind in favor of the diversity of the cult pastry.


A gourmet stollen of this caliber deserves a high-class appearance! The rather simple design is enhanced with gold, lacquer and embossing finishing techniques. Just the right look for the high-price segment. The inside printed with the history of the stollen makes the packaging a real treasure trove of visual and gustatory delights.

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