Design for the cat

Toys for your niece, a perfume for your sweetheart, a new folder for important documents and maybe something sweet for in between – Müller Handels GmbH is more than just a drugstore. The own-brand range extends from condoms and lubricants to natural cosmetics, organic food and pet food. With Pet Bistro, pet lovers will find everything they need for Rocky, Lucky and Polly.


The way to a pet’s heart is through its stomach, so pet owners are rightly demanding when it comes to the physical well-being of their pets. The fact that Pet Bistro not only tastes good, but is also good, should be clearly communicated via the packaging.


An emotional design based on the daily specials board of a bistro. Bold animal icons and a lovely handcrafted look complete the design. A large information area shows at a glance what is in the product and which components, such as flavorings and colorings, it does not contain. Special shapes and color codes successfully ensure a strong block formation and a high recognition value on the shelf.

Illustrations and watercolor drawings make up the individual look of the “Natural Treasures” subrange. The best ingredients are used in the production process, so the product is in a higher price segment. We rely entirely on natural materials such as cork, wood and linen for the design and present the meat in a tasty way on a wooden board.

Rodents and birds also get their money’s worth at Pet Bistro. The illustrations of the food and the respective animal enable quick identification. The natural look makes you dream of blue skies, lush grass and fresh foliage – a real paradise for rodents and birds.

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