Why put something on during sex?

Even before algebra and electrolysis, every student learns how important it is to wear a condom when learning French with the neighbor’s daughter: safety first. However, we only learn later that the latex lollipop not only protects against illness and pregnancy, but can also be really fun. At the Müller drugstore. The lubricants and condoms from Müller’s own brand Young Hearts invite you to enter the pleasurable subject of contraception. As the third-largest German drugstore chain, Müller has been launching a product range on the market for years whose sales figures can easily compete with those of the A-brands.


Between the boldly designed packaging of their shelf neighbors Billy Boy, Ritex and Durex, the cheerful Müller overcoats had recently fallen a little behind. With an updated packaging design and high-quality finishes, they should regain their brilliance.


Young Hearts has been on the market for so long that we have been able to treat the range like a real premium brand: instead of a shy me-too look, we have given the adult toy a strong, independent appearance with a high level of appeal. The sales show: A new, fun packaging design was the right decision. So: always put something on during sex!

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