Made with love

The secret of Bethel’s success? Everything is made with love. This applies not only to the high-quality home accessories, but also to the brand image. And there is a reason for this: people who need help have been at the center of Bethel’s work for over 150 years. Whether disabled, elderly, sick or disadvantaged people – the employees are committed to their vision with heart and mind: “Making community a reality”. With Manufaktur Bethel, they have created an institution that enables people with disabilities to participate socially and professionally. Here, sustainable materials are used to create handmade treasures to give as gifts or for your own four walls.


After the Melters advertising agency had already paved the way with a modern logo design, a suitable name and a complete corporate design, the task was to increase awareness of the brand. But the manufactory is more than just one of many manufacturers of beautiful home accessories. Charity and sustainability are at the top of the agenda here. Behind Bethel’s products are real people with their individual life stories. So we had to ask ourselves how we could best communicate these special features of the manufactory to the target group.


Comprehensive online management! A lovingly designed web store makes shopping at the click of a mouse a real experience. Thanks to reduced navigation, visitors can easily find what makes their home even more beautiful. The online presence is emotionally rounded off by the blog, which invites you to take a look at the workshops and the everyday lives of the people who work there – so customers know exactly who is behind the shoe boxes, newspaper racks, apple shelves and cute little men.

The Shopware system makes it easy to manage content so that the store can be updated with just a few clicks if a product is unavailable or a new one is introduced. The Melters advertising agency is also responsible for the product texts and images. The latter were created in the agency’s own photo studio. The main aim of the images is to give the customer a precise idea of the product to be purchased. Filters or special arrangements were therefore deliberately avoided. However, suitable imagery is created for seasonal occasions in order to present the products in a homely setting and provide shoppers with inspiration for their own homes. But that’s not all!

Thanks to our sophisticated online strategy, Manufaktur Bethel has already inspired numerous fans on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook: Not only about their home accessories, but also about their idea of promoting learning and working for people with disabilities and providing them with a dignified working environment in which they can develop freely. We use the respective strengths of the different social channels for this message. In addition to emotional storytelling, we also rely on regular community campaigns as well as high-quality image and video content and show the target group real people from the Manufaktur Bethel – up close and 100% authentic!

With the right knack for ad management, we also ensure that our content reaches the target group on all channels. In this way, we are successfully demonstrating the importance of interaction between companies and customers.

What about you: Do you also want to share your brand message with the world and take off digitally? You decide whether we just give you a jump start or run the whole race with you. In any case, we are well trained and ready to go! Give us a call!

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