Freedom? Adventure? Multitool!

No matter whether you want to gut a fish in the wilderness, need to connect a stage spotlight at a height of 20 meters, want to repair a torn fingernail or are actually trapped in an elevator: It’s always good to have the right tool – or: the right catalog.


But which tool is the right one for me? With the wide range of products that Leatherman® offers its customers, the choice is not so easy at first. This had to be achieved with a well thought-out Concept to change! The customer needs a tool that provides first aid in case of ignorance and clearly shows him which multitools are suitable for him.


The new end customer catalog! With simplified product sorting, atmospheric product texts, clear product pages and a compact format that simply has to be taken everywhere.

But this medium goes far beyond its pure information content. In addition to all the product presentations, the catalog promises one thing above all: lifestyle! Once you have the Leatherman® product catalog in your hand, you’ll immediately want to go on your next adventure with your own multitool. This feeling of freedom and drive is reinforced by the numerous emotional product images, as well as the many stories of successful people and their multitools. By the way: The visuals created as part of the catalog also prove their strength as poster motifs and in advertising formats – no one can look away!

The little 1×1 of marketing: Just click and look it up!