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At Melters Werbeagentur you get everything from a single source. Why? Because we want to guarantee you short paths and fast implementation. And so that everything comes from a single source – you can always rely on the high quality of the results. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy in other areas too?

At least when it comes to travel, this is no mere fantasy: with 22 different brands, the Erwin Hymer Group offers its customers an incomparable range of services and products for leisure and travel experiences of all kinds. Whether basic motorhome or luxury liner, financing options, insurance, travel planning, parking space reservations or accessories – the Erwin Hymer Group ensures that you can enjoy your mobile vacation to the full.


Long-distance trip or weekend getaway, family trip or self-discovery trip, round-the-world trip or off the beaten track – caravanning means above all: freedom, independence and individuality. Vacations are still an important topic for most people. The desire for self-determined travel with caravans, campers and the like has gained more fans in recent years. These and also those who have only toyed with the idea of a mobile vacation but have not yet implemented it for various reasons needed to be addressed. The focus should not be on individual brands, but on the fact that they belong together in the Erwin Hymer Group.


A visual refresh of the corporate branding to create a visual basis for all brands! Our digital team also transferred this design to the company’s website.

The user is now presented with a veritable world of travel pleasure, inviting them to enter the motorhome directly through the computer monitor and set off for their next destination. The pivotal point of emotional storytelling is the different personas and their own motivation. The various target groups are addressed through appropriate text and image worlds. What they all have in common is an unconditional desire to travel. A modern, tidy layout and interactive components round off the online presence.

The result? The website relaunch is a great success and has had a significant impact on the company’s image. Mission accomplished!

When will you start your journey into digital landscapes? We are the perfect travel companion. We know the best spots and have a few insider tips up our sleeve. Book your take-off today!

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