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Convincingly short

Sometimes it is advisable to take the short end of the stick. For example, when it comes to implants. Bicon has been successfully using short implants as a low-pain alternative to conventional systems for over 30 years – making patients as happy as its users. With its still revolutionary and inimitable technology, the Boston-based company has established itself worldwide as a solution even for difficult cases.


Users are convinced – now it’s time to get those on board who have not yet tried Bicon, are attached to old systems and may have prejudices against short implants.


A digital strategy that provides information and starts exactly where the special target group of dentists and implantologists is on the move, namely on the web and on Facebook. A new, modern landing page becomes the hub of the customer journey. There, interested parties can find out about short implants in a nutshell and contact the consultant straight away. One of the ways to get to the landing page is via Facebook. Through the clever combination of informative articles and shareable content such as memes, we position Bicon as experts in the field of implantology and make the brand approachable at the same time. With measurable success: since the implementation of the digital strategy, the reach has been significantly increased and the number of potential new customers has risen.