Web development

The power of web development




Even today in the digital age, there are still companies that do not have a website. However, these are one of the most important means of communication and serve as the company’s figurehead. With our expertise in web development and web design, we can create a modern and professional website for you that will make you stand out from the crowd and get your message across credibly.

As a user, you are usually not even aware of what is actually behind a website. You can only see what’s happening at the front. Does the site look visually appealing? Does it invite me to linger and does it offer me the functions and information I need? Of course, all of this is based on a lot of technology. And this is exactly what web development is all about. Basically, web development is nothing more than the software development of web applications, web services and websites. The aim is to ensure that everything runs smoothly from a technical point of view and that various factors such as usability and speed are taken into account.

What sounds relatively straightforward at first glance turns out to be quite complex in practice. Web development includes not only the design and development of web-based software such as online stores or complex websites, but also the comprehensive and target-oriented analysis of these as well as ongoing improvement and expansion. Of course, extensive know-how in various script, template and web-specific programming languages such as HTML, CSS or JavaScript is required.

Frontend & Backend



In the field of web development, there is an important distinction that everyone has probably heard before: The distinction between front-end and back-end. Put simply, the front end is the presentation level, i.e. the part of a website or application that the viewer can see. This includes, for example, designing interfaces with HTML, CSS or JavaScript. A good front end often allows the user to intuitively determine whether the website looks trustworthy and appeals to them. It should radiate seriousness and a clear line should be recognizable. The close connection to the web design is also recognizable here. The interface and design should be clear and unobtrusive. Different colors and shapes can be used to make the page attractive to the user. Of course, you should decide on a uniform corporate identity in advance. For all these points to be realized, proper programming is an essential prerequisite.

In contrast to the front end, the back end is the data access level, i.e. the part of the website or application that is not visible to the user. This includes all programming for functions that run in the background.

Web development at app level



As applications are becoming increasingly complex and dynamic, especially in today’s world, the requirements are also increasing accordingly, as methodical skills in terms of requirements analysis and software architecture are required in addition to technical knowledge. However, our web development team is naturally up to these challenges: a great advantage at a time when the IT industry is booming and websites and apps are literally springing up. Optimization for the desktop is no longer the only thing that counts. Of course, responsive web design must also be considered with regard to display on other devices. Mobile applications in particular provide an enormous competitive advantage, for example by accelerating business processes or improving customer relations. So it’s no wonder that more and more companies are deciding to develop a company app in addition to a website.

Do you need help with programming a website? With us, you get everything from a single source: a concept, error-free implementation, comprehensive analyses and long-term maintenance and optimization of your website.