A design that lasts forever

And the same question greets us every day: What should I wear today? Chic or casual, casual or trendy? Why choose one direction when you can have it all? The well-known designer Jette Joop develops timeless fashion, perfume, jewelry and eyewear collections for every occasion and every age. This makes every morning reach into the closet the right choice!


Jette Joop’s designs have become a symbol of modern femininity and inspire women of all ages with their fashionable self-confidence. How can this thoroughly positive, infectious attitude to life and the versatility of the collections be reduced to a common denominator?


Jette Joop herself becomes the figurehead of her collections. Trend-conscious, determined and full of energy, she beams at us from the POS tools. Stylishly staged, Jette Joop conveys precisely the lightness and joy that her collections also promise. The perfect appearance all round!

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